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Danger Dan x Heck Quartett


Classical notation and harmony meets free improvisation and sound painting.

TheCoenProject combines chamber music with Prog. Rock songwriting and improvisation.

Contact for booking inquiries. 

Chiara Dubey Trio

Modern classical elements meet electro/art - pop.

Trio formation of the Chiara Dubey Ensemble, adapted for smaller Venues and Events.

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Circus of Fools

Melodic Deathmetal formation.

Circus of Fools is, by all means, a live band: a bombastic show, elaborate costumes, a charismatic front-man, a female singer with an extremely versatile voice and congenial musicians provide an inherently consistent picture between moral and madness.

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Classical Viola playing meats home-produced prog metal. 

 My Solo releases represent many different experiments with sound, combining genres and playing styles. With these productions I try to find new ways to incorporate my instrument, wich then transfer  to my work as a session musician and teacher. 


Neoclassical, Ambient Soundscapes


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